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Paper and Poster Format

Paper Format

Paper format is as follows:

  • Paper Size: A4
  • Page Limitation: not more than 5 pages
  • Columns: 2 columns (spacing between the columns must be 0.2 in)
  • Margins: Top=0.5 in, Bottom=0.5 in, Left=0.7in, Right=0.7 in, Line Spacing = 1.0 pt
  • Font: Font Type: “Times New Roman”, Font Size: “10 pt”, Font Style: “Regular (Normal)” must be used in writing paragraphs. Font Size: “16 pt” must be used in writing title of the paper, “11 pt” in author name, “10 pt” in author affiliation and “9 pt” in e-mail address.
  • Paragraph: All the paragraphs must be justified and their first line indent must be set to 0.15 in.

An electronic copy of PAPER FORMAT can be downloaded from here.

Poster Format

 Layout for posters is as follows:

  •     Orientation: Portrait
  •     Size: A3 (33.1" x 46.8")

Presentation papers and slides should be printed in advance to deliver to the guests during the conference.

Final Date for the Submission of Papers

The final date for the submission of papers is 31st August  2019.

Notification of Full Paper Acceptance

The notification of full paper acceptance will be sent to the applicant on 12th-19th September 2019.

Proposal Types

The Science and Technology Conference is a participants’ conference comprised of numerous parallel sessions and selected plenary sessions. Participants are invited to submit proposals for 20-minute presentation.

A session of Conference involving a 15 minute speaker presentation, followed by 5 minute questions and answers. The chair's role is to introduce the presenter/performer, keep the presentation within the 15 minute time limit and manage the question and answer session. Presenters may also chair their own sessions, but are requested to keep to this format. We recommend against reading entire papers, and suggest that handouts (20 or 30 copies-please bring these with you, as there are no photocopying facilities at the Conference)

Presentation/Paper Focus

Practice Focus

A presentation or publication which describes innovative or exemplary practices or programs in the community, in workplaces, in education, in institutions and so on. This may take the form of case studies, narratives, demonstrations or technical reports. The outcomes of practice may be improved frameworks, concepts, understandings or structures, such as enhanced capacity through the development of skills, knowledge and operational effectiveness. This kind of work may involve putting theory and research into practice.

Research Focus

A presentation or publication reporting upon original research, based on the systematic collection and analysis of data or facts. This kind of work may involve the application or testing of theory.

Theory Focus

A presentation or publication which is broad and generalizing in its emphasis, reflecting upon and systematically referenced against one or more bodies of literature or systems of thought.

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